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Old Town General Sounds - Volume 8 - Ian Pattison

All round footwear god and friend of the store, Ian Pattison, has put together the latest Spotify playlist for Old Town General Store - Volume 8. There’s a distinct 80’s vibe this one. 

A bit about Ian - 

In the footwear trade for 16 years and have a very eclectic taste in all good music varying from 60’s to yacht rock, to 80s new wave to deep house.  If I like it’ll get added to a playlist.  Im a soundcloud/mixcloud junkie and love nothing more than stumbling upon a mix saved from 10 yrs ago that relights the memory of what and where I was at that time.  Massivey into football and my old mistress Sunderland AFC for my sins.  Family, fashion and Mexican food are my loves.
Don’t let anyone tell you your taste in music is rubbish, remember if you like it TURN IT UP
Enjoy the playlist

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