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Old Town General Sounds volume 9 - Owen Mawer

Creating this playlist was a joy. I have tried to curate something that reflects my music taste- varied, to say the least. Being from Halifax I had to dedicate a song from The Orielles and The Working Men's Club (who are more Hebden Bridge, but fit the bill all the same). There are hits from a bygone era with Curtis Mayfield and Camille Yarbrough's timeless classics getting a feature. In equal measure there are more modern features, with Leon Bridges and Bakar getting a mention. A good chunk of these songs formed the soundtrack of my youth into adolescence. Away from music, football is a real passion of mine. I run my own blog, @remontada_blog which looks to tie my passion for football, with my adoration of Spanish culture. Trying to find football stories that convey a personable undertone are few and far between these days. That's where I try to make the difference. Enjoy the mix that I loved making. All the best.

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