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Want to help choose the music we play?

The atmosphere that is created in the store is heavily influenced by the music we play and we want you to be a part of that.

Would you like to help choose the music we play in store?

You don’t have to be a world class DJ or music producer, just have a good knowledge of music and be prepared for us to give you a little plug on all our social channels.

So whether its the Stone Roses, Donald Byrd, The Supremes or Black Lace - the choice is up to you - well maybe not Black Lace 😉

We know there are loads of you out there with great taste in music - now is you’re chance to show it. 

We would like a selection of 20-30 songs - they need to be available on Apple Music - and, although we aren’t prudish, be able to be played in store to the public - so not too many expletives! 

All we expect of you is to list the songs and we will put together for you. 

If users of mixcloud would prefer to do a mix we can work with that too. 

If this is something you’d be interested in drop us a message on Twitter or Instagram, add a comment on the blog or email

Initially this is going to be a monthly thing but if we get a good enough response we can publish more often. 

Hopefully before we can open up again we will have a good, eclectic mix of music ready to go.

Thanks in advance.....



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  • I’d always be ready and willing to contribute to a playlist mate 👍

    • James Donnelly