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Collection: Colchester Rubber Co

The real story of Colchester Rubber Company stems from 1892, when the creator of Basketball, Dr James Naismith approached Colchesters to design a shoe made specifically for basketball.  These shoes were forgotten about for over 100 years until 2004, when a surviving pair of the basketball sneakers were discovered at an estate sale in California. After a lot of research, it was found that Dr Naismith (the creator of basketball) relocated there in 1895, and therefore that these shoes were the prototype sample made for him, as they were a US 12, the same size as Dr Naismith. 

After 14 years of studies, Colchester Rubber Company were found to be the world's first basketball sneaker in 2018, predating Converse by over a quarter of a century, and the design of these basketball shoes became the icon of American sneakers and for brands which followed in the years.